Other Crops

What else are we doing at Love’s Grace Farms?

University of Saskatchewan sour cherries! We have planted over 700 cherry bushes and they have just started to grow. We are hoping to offer fresh cherries, dried cherries, juice, tarts, pies, and so much more in the next two years.

                                                  Cherry Bush in Spring

U of S sour cherries are made for our cold prairie climate. The University horticulturists have successfully crossed the Siberian cherry with traditional sour pie cherries. The result is a series of six tasty and tart bush cherry varieties – Crimson Passion, Carmen Jewel, Valentine, Romeo, Juliet, and Cupid. These are all full-sized cherries that grow on 7-foot bushes and are easy to pick. What a treat they are on your cereal, baked in muffins and pies, or just for snackin’ - fresh or dried!

Watch our facebook page for late breaking news about these delicious and good-for-you fruits. Want more info on these prairie-hardy crops? Check out the U of S website here.

Other prairie-hardy fruits that we are planting – apples, currants and haskaps – all coming soon!

What else? – Rhodiola rosea!!!  

                                     Rhodiola Blooming

One of our specialty crops is the medicinal herb Rhodiola rosea. If you drive by our hillside farm you will see rows and rows of raised beds with black plastic mulch. The Rhodiola is planted here to protect it from weeds, as much as possible. Rhodiola is native to cold climates, and flourishes in Alberta’s chilly latitudes. It just doesn’t compete well with weeds, so we have to work hard to keep the encroaching and fast-growing pesty plant types from taking up residence.

Rhodiola is used widely in Europe and Asia to help with stress, both physical and mental. Long distance runners use it. It helps us cope with stress, depression, and anxiety. It also improves cognitive skills and memory. Research indicates that the leaves also have skin rejuvenating properties, and it is used in quality creams and lotions.

All of our crop is spoken for by ARRGO – the Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization. ARRGO markets this crop for its member growers and sells to pharmaceutical companies. Watch for 'Alberta grown' or 'Product of Canada' on the label – it’s probably from ARRGO!


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